Live Review: Alabama 3 / Galway Street Club – The Academy Dublin 25,03,2022

You always know its party time when Alabama 3 roll into town and tonight at The Academy Dublin is no exception!

I arrived a little late so only catching the end of the support act which came from Galway Street Club from yes you guessed it Galway. These guys have been around a few years now i think at first they were mainly to be found busking on the streets of Galway and now have a good number of shows under their belts playing their blend of folk rock.
I got there just before they announce this is a new song called Shifting at the Disco (only out two days). Shifting Irish slang for kissing well in most counties, some it means a little bit more, but your not going to be getting away with that at the disco so we can safely say its in reference to kissing. The chorus of which I think has a very Bee Gees sound to it.
They done two more songs before it was time for them to finish their what seemed to be a good lively set that already had a few up and dancing.

Galway Street Club

Its 8.30 and the intro kicks in which is called ESE Intro, thinking due to the fact its the only time Sister ESE plays an instrument, that being the guitar as other members arrive on stage and join in.
For those that may not know Sister ESE is one part of the two part female backing singers that are now part of the band the second singer is Sister Sheena.
Its straight into a Steps 13 track as Larry comes on stage and that’s Tranquillise Yourself Britannia. The parties well and truly started, the venue has filled up nicely and if you are not moving you are dead, ummm maybe I need to rethink that, reckon the dead are even dancing tonight as its Hello… I’m Johnny Cash / Rattlesnake Woman. Whacked the first single to be lifted from the 2021 aforementioned album Step 13 is next after which Larry says I don’t now what’s going to happening in the Ukraine but lets Praise the Lord Pass the Ammunition followed by Speed / The Lord Stepped in (Taking Back Control)
No Alabama 3 show is going to be complete without the next song featuring and that being Woke This Morning and a nice lengthy intro from Harpo himself.
Just after this Larry’s says I’m leaving and going to force Nick (Harpo) to sing as song about his father the mastermind of the Great Train Robbery so its Have You Seen Bruce Reynolds.
Larry’s back and its You Don’t Dance To Techno Anymore (not many of us do these days LOL) Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlife / Petronella Says.
Coming into the last three songs now which are Rehab / Up Above My Head and Hypo Full Of Love complete with the Very Reverend D Wayne Love still doing the vocals which is a fantastic touch as he will always be a relevant band member .
So its encore time which starts with the classic Too Sick to Pray and finishes up with the Robert Earl Keen written track for the The Highwaymen album of the same tittle The Road Goes On Forever.

Alabama 3

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