Track: Julia Why? unveils glowing, mesmerizing track ‘Waiting for Time’

‘Waiting For Time’, the new track from Australian artist Julia Why?, positively shimmers out of the speakers with a glowing and mesmerizing sheen. Julia Why? is essentially the songwriting talents of Julia Wylie and the track was written across London, Paris and Athens as COVID19 spread its germy fingers across the globe.

Hauntingly melancholic and clothed in layers of space and reverb, ‘Waiting for Time’ is an elegant and enigmatic track – a canvas painted in deep rich colours over which the vocals glide with a distant resonance. It fuses a dream pop lightness with a shoegaze wall of sound – and deals with the all too familiar themes of isolation and distance prevalent in this time of COVID. Wylie says of the track:

I want ‘Waiting For Time’ to conjure up that feeling anyone who’s had a long distance relationship will know – counting down the months, days, hours until you can see that person again. Wondering if it will work out.

The hazy fugue of distance, jet lag and late night calls oozes through the song – Wylie talks of stargaze, a genre we’ve come across before – and certainly there is a mesmerising and hypnotic air of drifting through the endless universe in this track. Absolutely gorgeous – both in melody and star-sparkling instrumentation.

Wylie finished the track in Sydney by experimenting over late nights in lockdown with producer Ben Moore (Harvest Recordings).

Also appearing are renowned Sydney guitarist Kat Ayala (Hayley Mary, Forces & Fury) and drummer Sarah Fenn-Lavington (Le Pie), with artwork by Amaya Lang.

You can get ‘Waiting for Time’ through the link below or stream here.

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