Track: Solitude return with new album and share video for title track

Mexican Melodic Death Metal Solitude have returned this year to share some new music. The metal quintet have released their first studio album in 15 years, entitled Exogenesis via Soundblast Media. Along with the news the band released the video for the title track.

Antonio Rivera, guitarist of the group, had the following to say about this new material:

“This was an album that we made in parts, since we could not all sit together in a studio to do it. However, most of the music could be recorded before the pandemic and we were able, after very hard work, to reach a great result with ‘Exogenesis’. With this album we want to reposition ourselves on the scene and reach all possible places. We are constantly aiming for super new limits “

The band have penned a track of solid metal here, with powerful vocals mixing guttural and clean over the wave of heavy drums and groovy guitar. It’s testament to the individual talents within the band they have crafted such a killer track during the pandemic.

Check it out, here

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  1. Exogenesis
  2. Arbitrium Incorporea
  3. Descending Into Flesh
  4. Of Thought and Blood
  5. As the Sun Hides
  6. Theogony
  7. Unshrouded
  8. Hydian Slumber
  9. Shadowbreed
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