Track: Julia Why? Releases the achingly beautiful and powerful track ‘My Grrrl’ and announces launch gig.

Feature Photograph: Emily Herdman

Following the release of the gorgeous track ‘Waiting For Time‘ earlier this year, Julia Wylie, under the moniker Julia Why? has just released another achingly beautiful track ‘My Grrrl’ which exudes a dreamy shoegaze fugue – a heady emission of celestial melodies and a wall of guitars and synths. The total package is like a meeting of Melbourne’s Underground Lovers with Ride: ambient pop meeting a muscular thrum filled with an innate sense of yearning.

An heartfelt paean to a best friend dealing with sickness, a shout out to ‘Rebel Girls’ globally and a symbol of resilience and compassion, Wylie says of the track:

If the last two years has taught me anything, it’s that my friends are my soulmates. When we stick together and support each other, we are stronger than the sum of our parts. We can overcome whatever this world throws us.

The sense of empowerment is captured by the euphoric choruses and the indelible glow emitted by the track. The lyrics are poetic, bold and passionate:

You’re the kind of woman I wanna be
I’m the kind of woman that you need
Bright burning sparks tear the atmosphere apart
Tear the fairytales apart, tear the way things are apart
Tear the atmosphere apart, tear the way things are apart

This is a delightful, enchanting and rousing single:

‘My Grrrl’ can be downloaded through the link above or streamed here.

Julia Why? will be launching the single on 2 December 2021 at Waywards in Newtown, Sydney with Lisa Caruso and Le Pie in a triple headline gig – full details and tickets here. Julia Why? is promising a new album in 2022 – I for one can’t wait.

Feature Photograph: Emily Herdman

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