News: KALEN Shares New EP ‘Silence Like Sirens’

KALEN’s Latest EP Brings Healing to Post-Pandemic Hearts

Brooklyn-based indie-pop artist, KALEN, has released her latest EP, Silence Like Sirens, in collaboration with talented musicians Izzy Gliksberg, Will Bradford, and Eric Zeiler. The EP is a collection of soulful songs that offer a healing touch to hearts that have been struck by the pandemic.

KALEN’s intimate songwriting style is on full display on Silence Like Sirens, as she delves into themes of denial, redemption, and healing. The electro-pop track “Honeysucker” explores the idea of denial, while “Phoenix” is a pop-infused track that speaks of redemption and healing. The EP’s title track, “Silence Like Sirens,” was originally written about a past break-up, but KALEN transformed it into a raw and emotional song by imagining a break-up with her now-husband.

Talking about the single, KALEN explains:

“I shared the stripped down piano demo with Eric over the pandemic when I was living in Maine.
It took us a few back and forths to feel that the recorded version was on track, then, suddenly, the pieces solidified and it quickly became a favorite.

There was always patience and trust in the back and forth that it would get there. As is often the case with my songs, the producer (Eric in this case) at first wanted to cut my bridge – too weird, not pop enough, too much a departure from the song. However, as is fortunately often the case, he ended up coming around and connecting with it.”

KALEN’s sound is deeply rooted in soul, funk, and electronic music, and she honed her craft while performing at various venues and residencies in Brooklyn. She became a mainstay in the neighborhood during residencies at Alligator Lounge and Spike Hill, captivating audiences with her energetic performances and confessional lyrics.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, KALEN remains dedicated to creating music that speaks to the heart. With Silence Like Sirens, KALEN has crafted an EP that is sure to resonate with listeners who are looking for an intimate and healing musical experience.

Listen below:

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