Premiere: George Alley readies self-titled debut album with new version of ‘Just Leave Me Dreaming’

One thing you may not know about this song is that it’s already been kicking around for 7 years – George Alley‘s been, and continues to be, in this for the long haul. The Philadelphia multi-disciplinary artist (composer, performer, choreographer, even outside music as a podcaster) has been touting a DIY eithos since he got going, and released the first version of this song back in 2017.

A lot of figurative water under the bridge since then, to say the least, but it’s been spruced up ahead of the arrival of Alley’s debut album later in spring. ‘Just Leave Me Dreaming’ is a beautifully orchestrated, tender waltz that’s not a million miles away from artists like Patrick Wolf or The Hidden Cameras. Alley also cites the likes of The Cure and Suede as influences.

The as-yet-unannounced debut album he’s got in the back is also set to include last year’s singles ‘Doctor! Doctor!’ and ‘Undivided Attention’ – on that note, he certainly has ours. Ahead of the single release tomorrow, we’re premiering the ‘Just Leave Me Dreaming’ video today; you can check that out below.

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