Album Review: Sherwood & Pinch – Man Vs Sofa

‘Man Vs. Sofa’ is the second album by Adrian Sherwood and Rob Ellis aka Pinch and the predecessor to the well received album ‘Late Night Endless’ It’s Dub filled dark waters of electronica that will pull you under with an undercurrent of unforgiving Bass. Put simply It’s Dark Dub Electronica at its best.

The combination of talents in the studio really shines through in the production and depth of the Album, What really stood out on multiple listens was how linear the album is, it flows effortlessly from one track to the next with all parts becoming one complete story. Well crafted and meticulous sound design the guys the guys have really pushed the sonic experience to the next level, creating something quite special. A great accomplishment is for an artist to create a work which becomes its own thing with its own individual identity, ‘Man Vs. Sofa’ feels like one of these works, a work which will stand on its own with its own unique personality.

Oh…….and it has a rework of ‘Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence’ so **** it, I’m in

Check Out A Slice of the LP Here:


On the making of this album, Pinch comments, “Having spent around five years working together, our work flow has developed and improved considerably, and we both feel that the music we’re making now is something neither of us could or would do alone. Adrian has amassed a bunch of new (old) studio equipment over the last couple of years too, so there’s been a lot more stuff to play about with, and that’s expressed in some of the directions the tracks go in. I hope it resonates with listeners as much as it does with us.” Sherwood concurs: “I’m really proud of ‘Man Vs. Sofa’ – Pinch and I have developed a proper great sound together and this is a real step forward.”

‘Man Vs. Sofa’ features notable guests: the piano of Martin Duffy from Primal Scream and Felt decorates five tracks, Dizzee Rascal collaborator Taz on ‘Gun Law’, whilst Skip McDonald of the Sugarhill Gang, Tackhead and Little Axe lends his talents as a multi-instrumentalist master. Also making an appearance is Legend Lee “Scratch” Perry who descends from his black ark to gift ‘Lies’ with pearls of cosmic wisdom.


CD/Digital track-list:

01. Roll Call

02. Itchy Face

03. Midnight Mindset

04. Lies

05. Unlearn

06. Man Vs. Sofa

07. Charger

08. Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

09. Juggling Act

10. Retribution

11. Gun Law

Vinyl track-list:

A1: Roll Call

A2: Itchy Face

A3: Midnight Mindset

B1: Lies

B2: Unlearn

B3: Jazzy Geoff Cakes (vinyl only exclusive)

C1: Charger

C2: Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

C3: Juggling Act

D1: Retribution

D2: Gun Law

D3: Man Vs Sofa


Sherwood & Pinch‘Man Vs. Sofa’Double gatefold vinyl LP / CD / DL On-U Sound vs Tectonic Recordings

Released on 25th February

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