News: Stefski & Hutch Share Infectious Alt-Rock Single ‘Selling Lies’

Blending the rock tendencies of Alter Bridge with commercial accessibility of The Black Keys, up and coming duo Stefski & Hutch shine on their new single ‘Selling Lies’. A dynamic duo whose artistic ethos centres on tolerance, freedom, and openness, the new single serves as a clarion call for a revolution of balance in pursuit of harmony.

At its core, ‘Selling Lies’ is a protest anthem, a blistering critique of the bewildering deluge of information and disinformation that inundates our collective consciousness. Built around a wall of distorted guitar riffs, punching drums, and a solid foundation of bass, the track creates an intense yet slick and considered rock tone under the urgent, expressive lead vocal.

The song’s potency lies not only in its musical prowess but also in its poignant lyricism. With verses that align with heavy-rock, and an anthemic earworm chorus, ‘Selling Lies’ transports the audience on a journey of introspection and inquiry.

The duo explains: ”The purpose of the song is to tell the audience to think by themselves and challenge what may seem evident, that’s the price of liberty“.

Listen below:

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