See: Misty Coast reveal new video for Heavy Head on a Body

Misty Coast are Linn Frøkedal & Richard Myklebust and Hail from the foggy Southwestern city of Bergen, Norway. ‘Heavy Head On A Body’ is Lifted from their debut album set for release in September ‘17. ‘Heavy Head On A Body’ soundtracks the mind’s journey from consciousness into sleep, drenching the senses in a lush, hazy cloak as it floats upwards towards an ethereal spiritual plane. Guided by elegant, soaring vocals and exquisite harmonies, the track drifts effortlessly in slow motion through dreamlike synth waves.

With echos of ‘Lost in Translation’ it’s a wonderful dip into the waters of their minimalist psych-pop and if this is any indication of how good the album is going to be, I think we’re in for a treat.




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