Track: Indie-Rockers National Service Deliver Exciting New Single ‘Repeater’

Opening with a twinkling, clean, chorus tinted guitar line, a driving high hat rhythm and a bouncing bass line, the new single from National Service ‘Repeater’ opens with an etherial ora. As the urgent yet controlled and angst ridden lead vocals enter, the track gradually picks up steam with a subtly distorted drum beat building suspense as the track works it’s way towards the explosive chorus.

At the minute mark, the track suddenly bursts into a sea of fuzzy guitar sounds, as symbol heavy drums and bass both reflect the intensity change. Explosive and cinematic, yet still pleasingly atmospheric, the chorus give the track a fresh, eruptive lease of life while the vocal notes elongate, further demonstrating the vocal talents of singer Fintan.

As the track continues to build, as does the complexity of the instrumentation with intertwining guitar lines and bass runs delivering a fittingly epic climax.

A track which possesses thoughtful subtleties and melancholic undertones whilst also possessing a stadium filling, cinematic rock nature, ‘Repeater’ covers a lot of basis and is a fine example of the kind of brilliant work that National Service are capable of.

Listen below:

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