NEWS: Ty Segall and Cory Hanson issue ‘She Is A Beam’ 10″ on Drag City; hear the lead track

CAST your mind back to the good old days of 2015. Y’know, gigs, pints, going anywhere. Good times. We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

Way back then, fuzzmeister Ty Segall and fellow psychester Cory Hanson were burning up a little creative time together, jamming out and totally in the zone, delighting in what they were finding.

Runs up the fretboard, trading vocal parts back and forth, back and forth, glorying in some off-kilter guitar heavy pop melody. Nods to the Steve Miller Band, even, we hear. This nugget, entitled “She Is A Beam”, would soon reach semi-legendary status, whispered about in the halls of psych-pop. And a lovely, far-out thing it is too, full of noonday sun and wide-pupiled acid pop wonder.

“Whatever happened to ‘She Is a Beam’?!” has been a question from Ty and Cory fans as the years have ticked by.

Well, the time is now: Drag City are set to issue this session on a one-sided, etched 10″, of all lovely format measurements, backed with “Milkbird Flyer”, a trippy country foil with twin harmony. We are lost, but now we’re found.

Follow Ty Segall and Cory Hanson online at Drag City; pre-order your 10″ of “She’s A Beam”/”Milkbird Flyer” right this way.

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