Say Psych: Album Review: Rhys Bloodjoy – Human.Pattern. Repeat

Rhys Bloodjoy last week released his long awaited debut LP Human.Pattern.Repeat on Sister9 Recordings in the form of a free download and a full length video that accompanies the album, making it a visual as well as aural offering.

Dubbed as  a one-man noise machine, using sophisticated loops, echo drenched harmonies and reverb-soaked melodies to create a truly unique blend of Cold Wave and Psychedelia, he has received accolades from the Manchester Evening News who stated his tracks were  “lo-fi brilliance”. The Bloodjoy experience was born in the underground scene in 2013 and he has since gained in strength and stature, honing his sound to create soundscapes that result in electrifying live performances. He has been suspiciously quiet for a while following a move from Manchester’s cobblestones to the mountainous climbs of Southern Spain but that has all changed with first the release of AA single ‘Run From The Hunter / Celebration’ and now the LP.

Opening with ‘Death By Succubus’ Bloodjoy wastes no time pushing forth his complex layers of sound that build until the vocal harmony eases the tension; it comes as a surprise that makes you pay more attention than before, wondering what will happen next. ‘Suck’ uses repetition to create a sway that’s impossible to resist, with lashings of reverberation added. This track takes multiple listens to realise exactly what is going on. Taking us further down the rabbit hole is ‘Run From the Hunter’, the first of the AA single, which probably holds the most mystic of the tracks presented, with contrasting layers and tones that could be considered chaotic if they weren’t so masterfully presented.

‘Birth Canal Contemplation Blues’ is distinctly more upbeat than the other tracks with hopeful lyrics providing a surprisingly reassuring message in these uncertain times. The second of the AA ‘Celebration’ continues the upbeat countenance with intense repetition making it impossible to keep still whilst listening. ‘Infernal Regions’ could make the hardiest diabolist turn their head with what sounds like a section speaking in tongues; it certainly warrants repeat listens to understand the complexities that are buried beneath the surface. Title track ‘Human.Pattern.Repeat’ concludes with its random sounds that if listened to intently, with eyes closed, can say something different to every listener.

This album has been a long time coming and its clear that Bloodjoy is a master of his art. You’ll have to search hard to find a better Cold Wave offering than this this year.

Download here for free (buy the record if you really love it)

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