Premiere: The Milltown Brothers – F.I.L.A.

Hot off the press and ahead of their new album Stockholm, out at the end of the month, we’re delighted to be premiering the new track F.I.L.A. (Falling in love again) from The Milltown Brothers right here on Backseat Mafia today, ahead of its release on a streaming platform near you tomorrow.

We adored the title track when it came out last month, and (in case you missed it) recently spoke to Matt Nelson from the band about the new album, about which he told us “I wrote these songs over the last couple of years and then started playing them to band.  I usually have a fair few songs I’m keen on and then these will get whittled down by the other members until we settle on a batch we all like. We were keen to make the album a bit less lyrical and more musical than Long Road which was quite a personal album, Jim (bass) produced the album in his studio. We used more instrumentation, especially keyboards, it’s definitely still a Milltown Brothers record; melodies , guitar riffs , rock drums back beat , but upbeat , lighter, possibly more modern?”.

It’s hopelessly melodic, and romantic, and catchy as the boys delve deep into their songwriting box of tricks and come up with a proper winner. Taking the sense of lovable indie rock from those Slinky 90s days and dragging it into the 2020’s, the band sound as fresh and as relevant as ever.

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