Premiere: Portable Radio Release video for Flight Home

Taken from their Jim Noir produced eponymous EP, out tomorrow, we’re delighted to premiere the video for Flight Home by Potable Radio. It comes ahead of their debut album, planned for October. The band,  Phil Anderson (Beep Seals, Hanging Stars), Mof Gimmers & Robyn Gibson (Junipers, Watch 44) summon up all that is good about (indie) pop music, as is evidenced by Flight Home

Introducing Portable Radio, the bands Phil Anderson told us “Portable Radio started as a way of me and Mof sending each other little song ideas and and then forwarding to Jim Noir in his wonky pop hit factory.  We shared a love of 60s and 70s power pop, which means all these songs are about hanging in groups and going out, but I promise it is not an open invitation to break lockdown,” while on the track he says I’ve lived in loads of amazing cities, all of which I’ve called home at some point, and Flight Home is a sentimental song about all people I’ve met there along the way. The advantage of having Jim Noir behind the desk is that you’ll suddenly find a steel band added to your song, with no idea how or where it came from. He is simultaneously our George Martin and Martin Hannett.

The track has this loose, rather lovely, Summertime feel to it. Brushed up with Mama’s and Papa’s / Beach Boys harmonies, and with the aforementioned steel pans added, it’s a bout as dreamy a thing as you can imagine. Blessed with catchy melodies and with Jim Noir’s magic dust liberally sprinkled all over it, it’s a comfort blanket for the times.

Check out the brilliant animated video for the song, made by Cheaps.

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