Premiere – Barons Of Hiddenhausen stream new EP ‘Bedroom Edits’

Mortiz Kofler, aka Barons of Hiddenhausen has a new EP, Bedroom Edits out this Friday, and we’re delighted to premiere a stream of the whole thing here on Backseat Mafia. The Vienna based musician locked himself in his flat and has made an EP that belies the title which suggests some kind of lo-fi recordings. Instead, there’s five tracks of Industrial metal/Gary Numan-ish rock/noise/electo, filed with tales of lack of conformity, self loathing and the like. There’s plenty of roaring guitars and Koflers insistent, edgy vocal, but strip it all back and there’s melodies in there which are hard to ignore.

Opener Realm on the Edge is possibly the most accessible track, the threat of mayhem always being there, but rarely coming to the forefront as Kofler keeps a lid on it for the most part. The guitars spider all over the back of thing, giving it this ominous sense. Pass Trash Station brings more of the electro to bear, and is less restrained, while follow on Shipwreck Mattress is perhaps the pick of the tracks and is a full on rock out. Witherbitch is driven by this funk metal bassline and becomes almost prog-metal at times as it ebbs and flows, and is followed by closing track Elusive, this slow burning, cold and menacing slice of industrial metal.

Exciting stuff.

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