Premiere: Star Parks release enigmatic video for the brilliant, haunting single ‘Palm Sunday’, and announce new album ‘The New Sounds of Late Capitalism’

We are very pleased to premiere the video for Texas indie band Star Parks‘s new track ‘Palm Sunday’, as well as announce news of their new album, the delightfully titled ‘The New Sounds of Late Capitalism’ due for release on 7 May 2021 through Nine Mile Records.

‘Palm Sunday’ has a bucolic, pastoral feel that creates images of warm, lapping waves,sandy beaches and promenades along the boardwalks of some faded old seaside town. It is an evocative and mesmerising tune that is infused with longing and a sense of regret – layers of backing vocals that wistfully echo in the distance, and vocals that are wrought with pain and melancholy – it was all for nothing. Star Parks can best be described as having a chamber pop vibe – baroque, elegant and melodic tunes that are refreshing and unique.

The accompanying video, shot in a sixties-era grainy hue and directed by Vanessa Pla, manages a unique feat of being both humorous and slightly unnerving as Santa-masked protagonists mysteriously communicate through coded messages apparently planning a birthday party. It’s slightly ominous but inherently tinged with an amusing tedium and droll intent:

After an initial release in the US last year disturbed by the horrors of COVID, Star Parks will be releasing their sophomore album ‘The New Sounds of Late Capitalism’ in Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Japan on 7 May 2021. You can get the album here.

Selections from ‘The New Sounds Of Late Capitalism’ are the score for the major motion picture ‘I Used To Go Here’ from Director Kris Rey, starring Gillian Jacobs and Jermaine Clement.

Feature Photograph: Dave Creaney

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