Album Review: Christian Hornbostel – Annus Alchemicus MINI LP

The Breakdown

...warm bass lines, melodic twists and turns and complex synth layers...

The number twelve has a strong symbolic meaning, not only according to mythological traditions and esoteric knowledge. The hours of the clock are divided into twelve hours, there are 12 archetypal zodiac signs, a year is divided into twelve months. Also in Christian Hornbostel‘s new concept album, called ‚Annus Alchemicus‘ (from the latin ‚Alchemical Year‘), the number twelve plays the main role. Twelve tracks, without a name and simply numbered with Roman numerals, ideally represent the months of a year-long journey through transformation and experimentation. This time, indeed, in addition to his typical techno style Hornbostel delivers impressive prog stuff with extremely different BPM, where instrumentation and compositional techniques could be even associated with jazz or fusion music. An ambitious state-of-the-art project, a sign of bravery and self-con dence in this era characterised by uncertainty – Christian Hornbostel

Check out the complete 12 track digital release here:

Vinyl Verdict: Choice cuts from the wonderful House/Techno release ‘Annus Alchemicus’ have been pressed onto this mini vinyl LP. From rolling beats to live session percussion the whole work is packed with warm bass lines, melodic twists and turns and complex synth layers. Dark and light compositions compliment each other here to create a solid release and showcases the creative the production talents of Hornbostel. Track it down.

Vinyl Track List:

A1. II (06:20) A2. X (06:31) A3. V (04:20)

B1. XI (06:18) B2. IX (05:39) B3. XII (04:35)

Available now at all reputable record stores on the Praedikat Records label

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