Album Review: trillion unveil a sonic thunderstorm in debut album ‘So Soon Now’.

The Breakdown

This is a bold debut that breathes fire into a shoegaze oeuvre with intensity and passion.
Independent 8.0

Sydney five-piece trillion have just released their debut album ‘So Soon Now’ and it’s a thunderstorm of sonic missiles that echoe and reverberate with intent. The genetic code is clear: trillion have a My Bloody Valentine approach to sonic dissonance and aural assault. Deeply satisfying walls of guitars bend and distort, shimmer and catapult, while vocals soar in the shadows with a subtle melodic glow.

The two opening tracks, the title track and ‘LoFi Days’, punch their way into your consciousness with a discordant brutality. In both tracks, the fuzzy guitars contrast with a muscular bass and pounding drums, the vocal layers barely discernible in the mix but displaying a choral quality. ‘Atomic Sunshine’ allows more of a melodic subtlety shine through with an anthemic flow.

‘Cherry Blossom’ allows even more filtered sunshine throughout the guitar haze – guitars jangle as well as thunder while the vocals, layed with harmonies, edge forward to allow the melody more room to breath.

“Silent Sea’ has a more reflective and restrained majesty about it. A fuzzy opaque wall of instrumental sound in ‘Sometimes It’s Alright’ ends the album in a cataclysm of noise.

Throughout the album there are differing morsels of sonic mayhem that combine to create a sound that is bold, fuzzy and dense. Like The Jesus and Mary Chain’s iconic debut ‘Psycho Candy’, the vocals are buried deep below the wall of guitars and distortion but reveal pretty melodies and structures that contrast with the muscularity of the instruments.

This is a bold debut that breathes fire into a shoegaze oeuvre with intensity and passion.

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