Track: common goldfish Shares Lastest Psychedelic Bop ‘On The Sidelines’

Energetic, vibrant, euphoric, unapologetically 90s, messy and chaotic, common goldfish’s sound has always been a joyous listen. Despite the 90s aesthetic, the new single ‘On The Sidelines’ showcases the Tottenham based artists ability to capture a still strikingly edgy and incredibly current sound.

Blending tight strummed guitars, bopping bass, boxy distorted drums and urgent, yet considered duel lead vocal takes throughout, the track moves perfectly from bouncing rhythms to more etherial moments. Introducing a glitching, modulated, swelling synth towards the chorus as the drums bounce under a gently applied high pass filter, the tracks vocal hook shines through, building suspense before bursting back into an energetic instrumental section as dappled electronics.

Speaking about the tracks lyrical theme, common goldfish explains: “I believe we’re all spending too much time in our own online worlds, being fed information by algorithms that can end up pushing us further apart. It’s becoming too easy to find like minded opinions, which can shelter us from different points of view. It is an upbeat call for people to come together through music and celebrate real life interactions.”

Listen below:

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