News: Dave Graney and Clare Moore detail launch dates for their album ‘Dave Graney & Clare Moore in a mistLY’ but first declare ‘We Need Cash’ in wry new single.

The swagger and panache of antipodean legends Dave Graney and Clair Moore is center stage in the release of the delightful single ‘We Need Cash’ with its chaotic accompanying video. It is a fitting amuse bouche to the announcement of a series of dates launching last year’s tremendous album ‘Dave Graney & Clare Moore in a mistLY’ (reviewed by me here).

‘We Need Cash’ makes no bones about its intent – a plea for the folding stuff that is wry and poised:

“don’t follow the herd- follow the money.
who cares what the world thinks of us? Does the world think at all, past dinner.”
“we need cash!” she said
“you live on cred!”
“we need cash” she said
“spondoolicks-moolah- foldin’ dough”
“we need cash!”
“we need cash!”

The plea is deliciously desperate and has me reaching for my wallet.

The track is accompanied by a rough and ready video edited and brought together by Will Hindmarsh aka Twinkle Digitz aka TwinkieD from footage shot by the figures themselves, that seems to underline the cash-strapped nature of its creators. Of course irrespective of the quality of the video, the enigmatic and well dressed musicians make up for any deficiencies with their indelible presence that provides a wealth of visuals money can’t buy:

‘We Need Cash’ is available through the link below.

Dave Graney and Clare Moore are casting off their impecunity with a tour to finally launch ‘Dave Graney & Clare Moore in a mistLY’ – details and tickets linked below. Dates in WA will see them joined by Marty Casey (Triffids/Bad Seeds) on bass and then shows in QLD and NSW will feature Adele Pickvance (Adele And The Chandeliers/GoBetweens) on bass. Dave Wray (Frank Bennett) who played sax on the album will also appear in NSW and QLD.

Thursday, 23 March at the Nightcat, Fitzroy

Friday 31 March at Smiths Canberra

Saturday April 1st. Launch of In A Mistly in Sydney at the Great Club in Marrickville
Sunday April 2nd – The Link And Pin  – 
18A Railway St, ,  Woy Woy NSW 2256
Lyric’s Underground (Maylands, WA) 

Friday, 12 May 2023 7:30 PM

Saturday 13 May 2023 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM (UTC+08) 

The Vault Restaurant
21 Haynes Street, Kalamunda WA 6076

 6:00pm, Sun 14 May, 2023

The Duke of George, Fremantle WA

You can get the album below.

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