Track: common goldfish Shares Vibrant Ode To London Club ‘Tottenham Ritzy’

common goldfish, the musical brainchild of Jonty Lovell, returns with the new fizzer ‘Tottenham Ritzy’.

Another vibrant 90s infused psychedelic-indie fizzer, the single captures an essence of 90s brit-pop whilst retaining it’s fluorescent, euphoric own identity, blending tight boxy beats with common goldfishes stylistic guitar, bass and house inspired piano. The addition of rap from Dabieh gives the track a unique flavour, drawing comparisons to some of Mura Masa’s ‘R.Y.C’.

“His vocal delivery brought so much energy, and it’s a lot of fun working creatively with your mates” common goldfish explains about the collab.

The track serves as a tribute to the bygone era that once dominated dance floors across the country, capturing the infectious energy, vibrant beats, and euphoria that defined the time. Lovell’s inspiration stems from Slipmatt’s recollections of the Tottenham Ritzy, an old nightclub in North London that played a significant role in London’s rave culture during the ’80s and ’90s.

In Lovell’s own words, “I remember hearing this interview and hearing Slipmatt talk about the Tottenham Ritzy. My ears immediately perked up, then after a quick google search found out a lot more about this venue, which only streets away from where I live, seemed to have such an iconic impact on London rave culture in the 80s and 90s. To be honest as a local artist, there wasn’t much of a thought process after that. I just felt compelled to make a track and share the story of the venue, and this is what it ended up being. It still sits in the same world as other common goldfish but I want the breakdown to transport people to the Ritzy. I want them to feel the sweat dripping from the ceiling!

Sadly, the venue has since been demolished to make space for flats. It’s such a shame lots of venues like this no longer exist. They seemed to provide a sense of community for lots of people, which somewhat seems to be lacking today.”

Another infectious offering to add to the Tottenham based artists growing catalogue, the track effortlessly and naturally fuses elements of rave, brit-pop, funk and indie to great effect.

Listen below:

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