Premiere: London Duo Arliston Are Set To Release A Stunning New Track ‘Thawed’; Hear It Here First

Wolf James

One of Backseat Mafia’s favourite duos, Jack Ratcliffe and George Hasbury, better known as Arliston, have shared a new track titled ‘Thawed’ via the band’s own label, Sob Story Records. The new track sees the end to a busy year for the duo who have released two EP’s including the critically acclaimed EP ‘How In Heaven’. We are very excited to be premiering the release prior to its release to the rest of the world.

Vocalist Jack said

“While it seems abstract, It’s really a simple story about a character who is trapped in a cyclical loop of behaviour. The verses give a sense of creeping claustrophobia, and outline the problem: The character becomes addicted to the negativity coming out of media (“strobe light news”) which leads to this fractious state where everything seems non-real and illusory, just ‘coffee and fumes’. In the chorus they attempt to solve it, by retreating away from other people, and into the sanctuary of ‘my room’, and even by just accruing wealth and money ‘my fingers in the till’, but none of it works, and the cycle begins again. A classic merry Arliston tune!”

George continued 

“It’s definitely a different sound to “How in Heaven”, but I think it’s a good thing to be pushing against the parameters of “our sound” and adding a new flavour to the Arliston pot. To me this sounds like some sort of Americana colliding with down tempo British indie, it’s fun!”

The guys have delivered another beautiful track that’s three minutes of dreamy harmonies, spaced melodies and dragged out rhythms that create a swirling melodic masterpiece that feels intimate and engaging. It’s something just a little different and a whole lot magical.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the bands Website or Facebook

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