News: Perth dream pop duo The Money War announce new EP ‘Blood’ and unveil shimmering new title track in anticipation.

Earlier this year Perth dream pop duo The Money War caught my attention with their gorgeous single ‘Miles Away’, and members Carmen and Dylan Ollivierre have just announced the release of a new EP entitled ‘Blood’, due to be set free on 5 November 2021. To whet our appetites, the title track has just been unveiled and it glows and shimmers like the Western Australian outback.

Coasting along on crisp acoustic guitars with an almost americana twang, the vocala are velvet gold, layered with exquisite harmonies and yearning. Heartfelt lyrics about anxiety and familial relationships provide a melancholic thread that rends the heart. All the more poignant given the couple are new parents. Of the song, the band says:

It’s written about the complexity of family relationships and bloodlines, and delves into the nature vs nurture debate I suppose. The character in the song has a very tricky relationship with their parents and they’re reflecting on whether they will become like them or learn from them. I think having a kid makes you think about things differently and we’ve been watching our song grow and change, with different characteristics starting to show through from both of us. It’s a topic that both of us have been thinking about a lot.

The result is something that is achingly beautiful – a slight veer away from the duo’s dream pop oeuvre but nonetheless dreamy and evocative with its anthemic chorus and wistful air:

‘Blood’ is out now through Mirror Music / BMG and available to stream and download here.

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