Track: Perth dreamy dream pop duo The Money War unveil the sparkling and melancholy delight ‘Miles Away’.

Gliding out of the world’s most remote city, Perth, duo The Money War (Carmen and Dylan Ollivierre)  have today released the ethereal and dreamy track ‘Miles Away’. This is a coasting, sparkling and very delicious slice of melancholy, punctuated by the most languid and evocative breathy saxophones and subtle horns, and gilded by reflective, immersive velvet vocals. There is a distinctive genre that reflects the essence of Perth – think of The Triffids’ evocative ‘Born Sandy Devotional’ that epitomises the loneliness, and isolation of place and also its inherent beauty. The Money War have created something just like that.

The track evokes a sense of drifting in the bright blue luke-warm waters of the Indian Ocean and swimming off the bleached white sands of Western Australia. An air of sadness and regret is embedded in the tone that creates a gorgeous contrast with the sweetness of the delivery. Carmen Ollivierre says of the track:

‘Miles Away’ is about being disconnected from somebody that you love – in more of an emotional way than the literal sense. It’s about that disheartening feeling you have when somebody close to you doesn’t seem to be on the same page or can’t understand your perspective on things.

The video captures the sense of detached sadness perfectly, contrasting the separation between the duo, a sense of distance and isolation that springs from the very geography:

I’m very excited to hear more from this dreamy dream pop duo. You can download/stream the single here or get directly from the band below (and isn’t that always better?):

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