Tallinn Black Lights Review: This Town

When it comes to offbeat, outlandish and unlikely humour, there are few countries in the world that can hold a torch to New Zealand. Whether that’s the ‘90s slapstick of Peter Jackson’s Braindead and Bad Taste, the gentler humour of Eagle Vs Shark or Hunt for the Wilderpeople or the madcap horror of Housebound or What We Do in the Shadows. David White’s new film, This Town, is another charming and zany entrant.

Sean (David White) is desperate for love and determined to find ‘the one’. He decides to move into the world of dating apps. His chances of romance have been limited since the cold-blooded murder of his family five years ago. A crime which Pam (Robyn Malcolm), a former member of the local constabulary, is convinced he committed. Despite losing her job as a consequence, she refuses to give up. Which doesn’t exactly help his burgeoning love affair with Casey (Alice May Connolly)

This Town is a cutely observed mockumentary which lampoons the stereotypes of small-town Kiwi characters with a lot of charm and appreciation. Whilst its’ more mirthful than laugh out loud funny, White’s monster always has a curveball just waiting round the corner. It’s a rather amiable film and you’ll soon find yourself being dragged into this parochial soap opera. This Town is a sweet and sour drama which has a lot of surprises up its sleeve.

This Town screened at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.

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