Following on from the release of the track As Far As We Know, featuring Brother GoodLove, Alan Evans in his Crushed Velvet & the Velveteers have issued an accompanying video, directed by Samuel Hall of Bystander Media.

Evans has pulled together a band with razor sharp soul chops, including in addition to Brother GoodLove, Darby Wolf on piano, Alex Lee-Clark and Brian Thomas of BT ALC Big Band on the horns, Ryan Hommel on acoustic baritone guitar, and Cynthia Tolson on the strings.

As far as we know is this smooth soul number, full of warmth and this sense of hope that purveys not only the words – striving towards peace, but also the melody. With nods towards the likes of Al Green and Marvin Gaye, and some sumptuous orchestration to match, you need to check it out.

Watch and listen, here