EP: Venus – Wicked Things

Rock Queens – ‘Venus’ have released their first EP ‘Wicked Things’ available now from the bands Bandcamp.

Lead singer GK, says; ‘With it being our first body of work, we
wanted to take both ourselves and our listeners on a journey.
Life can be sporadic with what it throws at you, it doesn’t ever
seem to slow down when you need it to. This can definitely be
heard throughout the tracks, from my point of view, they all
represent some level of emotionally processing your
experiences, and the many different stages of it. Instead of
strictly writing three prominent feminist songs, we wanted our
EP to have undertones of it across the board. We’re girls in
alternative rock music, it’s hard, it might always be in our
lifetime, but we’re trying to normalise it in any way we can. We
can do that by writing about our experiences in day to day life
and hoping someone can relate to it, which we’re hoping
comes across when people listen to Wicked Things.’

The three track EP is a mixture of punk, slow burning vocal workouts and full on rock. Growth is the first thing to notice about Venus’s new EP over their two singles Deranged and Sour.

First track ‘No Signs’ opens the EP with a huge wall of sound. This is a band sounding more confident and comfortable. Venus aren’t afraid to sing about mental health issues, bullying and inequality – “You’re tryna get one up on me. You think you’re better than me, Don’t you compete with me, You’re no better than me, Yeah you’re not”

Second track ‘Amy’ is all about Grace Kelly’s voice as she displays some wonderfully controlled power here. It’s so sweet and innocent but lurking behind her halo is that devil of a killer scream. The track simmers as Grace sings about an Amy saving her life.

‘You’re Alright, I Guess’ with it’s killer riff is a full on rock tune. How that voice comes out of her petite frame is beyond me, but proof to the fierce and addictive attitude this Leeds 5 piece have and I love it. The band sound tight with a production that allows each of them to breath and find space. The punchy guitars and swirling synths sit so well together and are a perfect board for that voice. 

Purchase the EP here

Check out the video for previous single Sour

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