Film Review: Son

Laura and Paul

The bond between mother and child is unique and begins in the womb. This closeness continues after birth, and whilst this physical and emotional connection gradually wanes over time, it’s often the strongest attachment we’re ever likely to have. The maternal relationship with a son is distinct in its own way and boys are often a lot more needy than girls, especially in their early years. This kinship is tested to the extreme in Son.

After escaping from a paedophile cult as a pregnant teenager, Laura (Andi Matichak) is determined to give her (now) eight-year-old son David (Luke David Blumm) an ordinary life. That all changes when she encounters a group of people in his bedroom. She contacts the police but the detective in-charge (Emile Hirsch) can’t find any evidence of a forced entry. When the boy becomes seriously ill, it’s clear something strange is going on, but what?

Son plays with a number of disparate elements to create a psychological thriller which is both entertaining and unusual. There’s a seam of oddness which lurks beneath the surface of Ivan Kavanagh’s (The Canal, Never Grow Old) latest film. While not everything comes together, there is enough ingenuity and thoughtfulness to keep you in the moment. This is personified by a number of interesting set-ups and shot choices. All adding a layer of unreality to Son.

Son is released in US Theatres, on Digital and On Demand by RLJE on 5 March.

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