Film Review: Slash/Back

If watching films and TV has taught me anything, it’s not to mess with children. Malefactors underestimate them at their peril. Criminals beware, you would have gotten away with it to if it weren’t for those meddling kids. Aliens! Don’t even think of landing on a London housing estate because teenagers have your number, if they’re not too busy playing FIFA. Slash/Back moves the danger to the ice-covered shores of Nunavut in remote northern Canada.

Pangnirtung is a hamlet located on Baffin Island in the Arctic Ocean. It’s a typical summer’s day for Uki (Nalajoss Ellsworth), Maika (Tasiana Shirley), Leena (Chelsea Prusky) and Jesse (Alexis Vincent-Wolfe). Trying to find something to do in a place which is covered in snow, surrounded by endless nothingness and has 24-hour sunlight. However, this all changes when an illicit trip ends up with the discovery of an alien invasion.

Slash/Back is a lively and entertaining sci-fi yarn which pits the wrath of teenage girls against unsuspecting extra-terrestrials. When all is said and done, you just don’t fuck with the girls from Pang. Using a largely unprofessional cast, director Nyla Innuksuk manages to harness the anger and exuberance of youth. This does mean that you have to accept some of the acting/delivery doesn’t quite land. That being said, Slash/Back is good fun and shows a lot of promise.

Slash/Back is out in the US in cinemas, VoD and Digital on 21 October. 

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