See: L.A. Salami releases new video for ‘Thing Ain’t Changed’

L.A. Salami is following up a prolific 12 months, following on from the release of two EP’s, with a new album ‘The Cause of Doubt & a Reason to have Faith’, out via Sunday Best Recordings on July 17th. From it he (Lookman Salami) has released a new video for ‘Things ain’t changed’.

An ode to the complexity of life and how to navigate through it, ‘Things ain’t changed’ is this glorious slice of slacker (indie) pop, these gritty guitar riffs dissipating into something more breezy, as Salami’s vocal floats over the top, ducking and weaving, delivering this devastating melodic knockout. Top stuff.

Check out the accompanying video, pulled and stitched together from old movies.

been a busy few months for L.A. Salami with the release of two EPs in 2019/20, and now he is back with new single ‘Things Ain’t Changed’, taken from the up-coming album ‘The Cause of Doubt & a Reason to Have Faith,’ released via Sunday Best Recordings on July 17th 2020.
Set to nuances of garage rock and jangle pop, ‘Things Ain’t Changed’ is a heartfelt ode to the complexity of life and how you navigate through it. His  new single  cements Lookman Salami as one of the most intriguing and stimulating lyricists around today. In his own words, “The record is about the recurring pattern we find ourselves in as humans, over and over again throughout history, the thing that changes is the technology, but the human brain has not changed for over 100,000 years. Civilisations rise and fall, the clothes may change, the poisons change names, the players change faces, but the game of life will never change.”

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