Live Review: Idlewild / Iona Zajac – The Button Factory, Dublin 04,08,2022

Its 20 years since the release of Idlewild’s album The Remote Part so Idelwild are on the road playing the album in full and more, taking in three Irish dates and venues with special guest Iona Zajac formally of Glasgow-based folk and blues duo Avocet, now based in Dublin and solo.

Starting her set at 8.15 and playing for 30 minutes Iona played songs about gardeners/a mouldy old fruit & Veg shop/ riding(her own words) and what c**** some men are lol.
Playing 7 songs in total and the 5th being a new one called Its Good To Be (uncomfortable) switching from electric guitar to acoustic midway and back to the electric to finish.
The lights were low, so low at times only a silhouette of Iona could be seen backlit in the smoke pumping out of the machine from the side of stage.

9pm and Idlewild walk out on stage to a huge cheers, its seem there is a large number in the crowd that have came from Scotland to follow the band on the 3 Irish shows as I heard a few mention they were at last nights Galway show and how smaller the venue was there, Something Roddy mentioned during the night also and how loud it was.
3 songs in and the crowd are having a sing along and Roddy commenting that its only 3 songs in a bit early yet for a sing along lol and talking about playing the Ambassador Theatre Dublin 20 years ago.
At another point during the night mentioning that we are all reliving our youth through this album tonight and how they were 25 when they wrote Out of Routine and how at 45 new its a bit of a workout to play lol.
Many of the people in the crowd had bought their ticket back in 2020 and Roddy thank them for hanging on to them and coming to the show.
The Album set was played track for track as they appear on the album so finishing out with the spoken word of Scottish Fiction at the end of the song In a Remote Part Roddy was heard saying well that’s the album done lets play some other stuff. During this time Gavin Fox was introduced on bass and the band were delighted to have him playing with them as it has been 15 years since he last played with them.
The appreciative crowd were treated to a 17 song set list which sent them home or to hotels very happy people.
Set List.
You Held the World in Your Arms
A Modern Way Of Letting Go
American English
I Never Wanted
(I Am) What I Am Not
Live in a Hiding Place
Out of Routine
Century After Century
Tell Me Ten Words
Stay the Same
In Remote Part / Scottish Fiction
Dream Variations
Little Discourage
Love Steals Us From Loneliness
I Understand It
El Capitan
When I Argue I See Shapes
A Film For The Future

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