Premiere: Juliet Callahan Shares Striking New Single ‘Venom’

Juliet Callahan returns with the brilliant new single ‘Venom’ and we’re very excited to be running the premiere!

Blending trap beats and airy synths mixed with grungy guitar lines and her ethereal, haunting lead vocal Callahan captures a strikingly unique sound on her new single ‘Vemon’. It’s an interesting and intoxicating mix of sounds which forms into a dark and atmospheric yet accessible soundscape with boat loads of commercial appeal.

Biting and melancholic, Juliet’s lyricism and emotive vocal deliver adds further allowing the track to sit somewhere between electronic-pop, Linkin Park style rock with a. splash of Post Malone-esque beats for good measure.

Talking about the single, Juliet Callahan explains: “Venom is about facing the pain that is rooted in people who have turned their back on you or hurt you to whom you still feel connected. It is about processing that pain by letting go and realizing that you cannot change them or the outcome of the situation. It is about learning to love yourself when you are alone with your thoughts and about self-empowerment.”

Liten below:

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