Warmduscher // Manchester Academy 3 // 6th April 2022

Having already been to one amazing gig this week, I really wasn’t prepared to be blown away for a second time in three days. Whilst Killing Joke had already set the bar pretty high, at Albert Hall 2 days earlier, Warmduscher picked it up, span it around and covered it in honey, before licking the drips off. The crowd were up for a good time from the first strains of Big Wilma and there was sporadic outbreaks of downright funky dancing and gyrating throughout the show.

Resplendent in Droog-white boiler suits a la Devo and fronted by the effervescent Clams Baker Jr, who is equal parts Danny Devito, and Huey Morgan, but 100% lyrical dynamo, the perfect poster boy for Duracell if the Bunny ever calls in sick. He’s everywhere and the energy is infectious. Musically they deep mine the rich seam that has previously given us the likes of Alabama 3, Talking Heads, Cake, Butthole Surfers, RATM, Eagles of Death Metal, The Fall, and even The Beastie Boys. Of course that doesn’t come close to describing the overall sound as they bounce effortlessly between each reference point, creating a funky indie vibe laced with pure sexual promise.

Much loved by arbiter of taste, DJ Marc Riley (somewhere in attendance no doubt), the sell out crowd are introduced to the new album, At The Hotspot, only released into the wild the week before. The new material slips effortlessly into the running order alongside, crowd faves such as Midnight Dipper, Whale City, Disco Peanuts and my own highlight Burner (sadly minus Kool Keith).

With most songs weighing in below the 3-minute mark, Greasin’ Up Jesus (no I don’t have a clue either!!!), takes us into different territory at just over 6 minutes long. The meandering ending to it gives everyone the chance to catch their collective breath, drifting away with a sub-Tina Weymouth bassline.

As I watch the encore from the relative safety of the bar, sweat bedraggled people pass me with double Bez grins plastered across their 6Music listener faces. This has been one of the events of 2022 and I look forward to seeing them in bigger venues in the future. If this didn’t move you, you’re already dead, it’s just nobody’s told you!

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