Premiere: Low Girl releases heartbreaking debut track, ‘ICU’

Out of tragedy comes ICU, the new single from Low Girl, out today and premiering right here on Backseat Mafia. Recorded in lockdown and with little access to recording equipment, it’s taken from her debut EP, expected some time in the Autumn.

It’s about a man close to Low Girl, Steve, the father of her love and a man who was a hero to her, worked on James Bond films, but unlike 007 and his many lives, Steve didn’t quite make it past this particular bad guy.

Of the track, Low Girl says “Some people will be able to identify with the anticipation of a call from the hospital. Every day we would wait and every day the news would be worse. Being in that constant state of suspense starts to eat away at any hope you felt for things to work out. In the end the only thing I could do for him was to write about him”

Built on haunting electronics and these static synth chords that hang onto your heart, it gradually flowers as the vocal, soft yet beautiful, drapes itself over the top of things. Hints of strings and vocal harmonies decorate and yet pull at the obvious pain of the lyrics ‘And maybe it’s just a cold / because if I could wish for anything / it’d be to have you home’ she implores. It’s equal parts heartbreaking and beautiful. Welcome, Low Girl.

Check it out here, and bring a tissue.

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