SEE: Jeremy Tuplin – ‘Back From the Dead’: Ziggyesque glam-psych call to live here, now

IT COMES grooving in on an early glam kinda riff, that hook-laden chug you got in Bowie’s “Suffragette City”, bluesy and low-slung, propelling along on a fuzz guitar.

Jeremy himself – for tis him; Jeremy Tuplin, suave psych-folkster who’s come up to town the better to ready himself for the launch of his new album, Violet Waves – is bathed in the sleazy and trippy red light of a city night, Gibson a-strum; cruising the streets of North London, wanting to fall in love again, “stripped and ready for the pain” – but vocally still oh-so-cool … and it explodes out into a freeform freakout, reins it back again. 

“Back From the Dead” is the latest track with which our man about town teaseth us for Violet Waves, his very fine new album; read our review on Monday. 

He says of this latest tune that it’s almost a vade mecum to live better, live now: “I think it can be very easy in the modern age with all of the distractions that surround us, or maybe if you’re going through a particularly difficult time, to find yourself sleepwalking through life, just going through the motions.

“I wrote this song as a kind of reminder to live and to love more presently, more vigorously; to come back to life in a sense.”

The album is an eclectic yet wholly cohesive set of fine and whimsical psych-folk, concerning this modern-day passivity, the love affair of a porcupine and a chinchilla, having one’s ashes blasted into space … presented with (occasionally electric) grace, deep whimsy and elucidation, suavity.

We say of the album: “Tip a hat to the new prince of Bananamour-style free-thinking psych-folk … great.”

Oh. we’ve an interview with the great man forthcoming as well, on the 19th. Tune in with us for his tales of Italy, lockdown, and more.

Violet Waves will be released on August 14th on CDR, digital, traditional black and elegantly purple vinyl; it’s available to pre-order now at Bandcamp, here.

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