Say Psych: EP Review: Agarimo – In The Shelter Of

Agarimo is the current project of Bristol based Spanish born brothers Juan and Pablo Mestres who when added to Marcus Jeffrey and Mon Valdés make music that pushes forward sonic weavings which are cerebral and yet retain primal groove-based rhythms. Their debut EP In The Shelter Of is released today on Stolen Body Records. Known for their live performances which take vocal manipulation to a new intricate level with clear mastery of their technology, they do not forgo the spontaneous thrashing of guitars and drums like their very lives depend upon it. The progression in their 12-month existence has been nothing short of phenomenal.

The four-track offering opens with ‘Fight Back’, a noisy piece that wastes no time in blending synth rhythms with raucous vocals and catchy drum beats. The provocative lyrics lend well to the title and sound in passing like Hadouken! (anyone remember them?!). ‘So Long’ is a different entity, with a slower less chaotic approach and a vocal swoon that lures melodically. ‘In Silence (And Against The Wall)’ has a strong drum pattern throughout that drives the track along side a strong bass riff. Concluding with ‘Hit Me Up’, an aptly named track that pulsates as it progresses, again focusing on a strong rhythm section, this time interspersed by jarring guitar bursts.

The short EP offers a hint of what these guys can offer, with a promising sound that will appeal to different sets of listener.


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