Track: Lara Eidi – Summer Winds

Greek Singer-Songwriter Lara Eidi has shared her new single ‘Summer Winds’. Written over one evening under the Athenian sun, the track features the talents of Stavors Parginos (Cello), Dave Manington (double bass and mandolin), Giotis Paraskevaidis (mixing and mastering) with lyrics which spoke of overcoming loss with hope. The track marks a change in musical direction for Lara, previously know for her work as a cross-over jazz artist.

The carefree, indie-style video filmed in one afternoon by Christos Britos captures the light hearted energy Lara wishes to exude with the music, amidst ancient Athenian hilltops.

Lara comments:

“Summer Winds is a song written about overcoming that fearsome road less travelled, and choosing to ride that wave of hope.”

A summery acoustic sets the scene and welcomes Eidi’s golden voice. There’s a pleasing ebb and flow akin to a lullaby with its sweetness. There are magical moments within the sublime vocals harmonies and intricate melodies that colour the track. Perfect for a warm summers night

Check it out, here

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