Track: Full Power Happy Hour’s ‘Measurements’ takes a walk on the wild west side ahead of new album and tour.

Feature Photograph: Seamus Platt

Brisbane’s effervescent Full Power Happy Hour have stored their Doc Martens in a shoebox, pulled on a pair of cowboy boots matched with a checked shirt and boot-scooted their way into our ears with the country-tinged twang of ‘Measurements’, their new single. And, for me, it’s the good sort of countrified swing epitomised by the measured and refined sound of Dolly Parton and Stevie Nicks, touched by a hint of melancholy and yearning yet cantering along with a high stepping pace.

Singer Alex Campbell says of the track:

‘Measurements’ is about how other people, society and ourselves, determine our worth as human beings. We all grow up to believe that we have to act a certain way, or achieve certain things to be considered a worthwhile human. This song’s talking about that, and for some reason it just all came out wrapped up in a nice little country jig!

The percussion literally bucks like a rodeo horse and the guitars scythe and slide their way over the top. The glorious harmonies add to the mix and the lyrics are an excoriating observation on objectification and judgement of worth:

Now we’re measured in beauty
measured in sex
measured in money
measured by debt

It’s satisfyingly radiant stuff from a band that is ever willing to push boundaries and put on display their songwriting craft:

‘Measurements’ is the second release off Full Power Happy Hour’s forthcoming album ‘Bit of Brightness’ coming out through the magnificent Coolin’ By Sound Records on 4 November 2022 – you can preorder below:

Full Power Happy Hour will be line dancing their way on stage later this month – detail below:

Thursday 25 August – The Bearded Lady – Brisbane  – QLD

With Black Dog Cat Band and Ghost Mutt. Tickets on sale now here

Friday 26 August – Tanswells Hotel  – Beechworth  – VIC

‘Springtime is Coming Tour’ with LouLou. Tickets on sale now here

Saturday 27 August – Merri Creek Tavern  – Northcote – VIC

‘Springtime is Coming Tour’ with LouLou. Tickets on sale now.

Feature Photograph: Seamus Platt

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