Live Review: Tremonti / Hawxx – The Academy, Dublin 23,06,2022

American heavy metal crew Tremonti blew the roof off Dublin’s The Academy with support coming from London based Hawxx

Hawxx were egger to get on stage as they were side of stage five minutes before stage time getting themselves hyped.
Opening with Blunt from their Deadlands EP and then Hologram from their latest EP You’re Only as Loud as You Shout Right Now.
Anna then informing us that this next song is important to us and dedicating it to every woman that has felt afraid walking home and having to send a text (Home Safe) Trust Your Rage followed up by Death of Silence / Low.
Next we were told this song is for everyone dealing with a piece of shit, The Worst Thing leading us into Filth / Detonate. They played a 45 minute set finishing up with Dogma a song about respecting your body and mind.
If you get a chance catch this band live sometime.

Ok its the main act and time to turn it up to the max. It was loud, fast & heavy right from the get-go, Starting out with a tracks from the latest album Thrown Further / If Not For You. it was then a throw back to 2016 with My Last Mistake, then it was right back to that start ask Mark said I started this band 10 years ago and this is from that album So, You’re Afraid and the guitar intro to The Things I’ve Seen and up went the arms as the room filled with horns in the air.
For the intro to Not Afraid to Lose, Mark asked lets see those hands in the air and up they went to clap along (something that happened for most of the set)
During A World Away there was some fist bumping between crowd and guitarist across the divide of the pit.
Its been way to long and its good to be back Mark says just before Let That Be Us which is followed up with Cauterize / You Waste Your Time, its back to the album Dust for Catching Fire after which we are ask do with want to fly as its Flying Monkeys.
Take your phones out and light them up Mark shouted and the crowd obliged, the whole runs a light with little touches and they band play Dust.
We were then told that the last time the band were in Dublin was touring A Dying Machine so it was the title track off that that came next, followed by another album title track that being the latest Marching in Time.
The, First The Last / Decay ran us into the last two songs of the night before which Mark announced that they don’t do encores as they like to just play right through their set and not leave and come back after ten minutes. So they ended out the night with Another Heart / Wish You Well.
Man my ears are still ringing today and as I opened with, it was loud, fast & heavy all in the best way possible.

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