News: Manchester Orchestra released a new single taken from their new album  & a ground-breaking 180°3D VR Film, both of which are out today

Photo credit Shervin Lainez

Manchester Orchestra have revealed ”The Way” the lead single and latest look into their reinvigorating new album and breathtaking film. Out digitally this Friday today, with a physical release set for 7th April,, The Valley of Vision is a record rooted in the higher powers of resilience, rebirth and self-redemption. After a prolonged period of grief and trauma that permeated the band’s previous LP and past several years together, songs like “The Way” illustrate the journey of losing one’s mind and finding it again. Through a ghostly haze of reverb, fear and pathological feelings, singer Andy Hull’s voice rises into a guttural and goosebump-inducing belt, carrying the arrangement of piano and electronic drum beats to a cathartic crescendo. The lyrics tell a vivid story that Hull had struggled to present since first writing it in 2019, but he credits the track’s additional producers – Jamie Martens, Catherine Marks and Ethan Gruska – with helping him to finally shape it.

Like all songs on The Valley of Vision, “The Way” will be accompanied by a captivating cinematic experience, presented in the groundbreaking format of  108-degree, 3D virtual reality. Directed by Isaac Deitz – who shot the film over a solitary, year-long journey through snow storms in the Rocky Mountains, dark nights in the deep woods of Wyoming, creek beds in Manchester Orchestra’s native Georgia, and climates both scorching and freezing – the visual mirrors and enhances the album’s overarching themes of life and death, change and growth, forgiving oneself and letting go.

The Valley of Vision Tracklist
Capital Karma
The Way
Letting Go
Lose You Again
Rear View

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