Track: Johnny Was Here – Silverlake

Hannah Gray Hall

Johnny Gates formally of Runaway Saints has set out on his own under the name Johnny Was Here. Recording all of his new material at home in his producer’s bedroom studio, Johnny wanted to fully
encapsulate the DIY aura of where the music was born, in a full batch of songs with him and producer Austin Luther working together to hit that sweet spot between alt-rock and indie pop. His debut offering is the six-track EP ‘Nervous Wreck’, with lead single ‘Silverlake’ fully showcasing where johnny was here sonically lies.

Johnny says

“Silverlake is the first single off my newest project, johnny was here. I was in a band for 13 years.
We signed to a major label, and toured all over the US, but we broke up in LA, and this song is me
romanticising that, and going back to that time when we first moved to LA, and ran around Silverlake, just
playing shows, and even though we were toxic by that point, I’d do it all again. After focusing on a more singer songwriter, solo project, and writing songs for other artists, it’s my first time back in the alternative rock world, since playing in my band.”

Dreamy vocals over scratchy guitar that builds into energetic DIY brilliance. Gate’s vocals are the highlight here, delivering an emotional punch with his quick delivery and strained falsetto rising and falling with the music.

Check it out, here

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