This EP is a mixture of feelings like sadness, loneliness, confusion, hope and nostalgia” says Hiro Ama of his debut solo EP. “It was a bit like writing a diary, only I wrote music instead.” The sometime Telemann drummer is releasing the EP, Uncertainty, on August 14th via PRAH Recordings, and from it he’s given us a taste of what’s to come in the shape of a track, Broken Satellite.

Unlike the prog-pop of Telemann, Ama’s solo outing is much more electronic and Broken Satellite is this winding electro run out, with sprawling loops and glittering synths build over warm, hazy chords. As it slowly unfurls, so snatches of altered vocal weave in and out, as it builds and then, quite beautifully, flickers out.

Check it out, here