Say Psych: Playlist 5/2016

There is nothing new on this Psych Insight playlist, rather a collection of tracks that I really love and come back to again and again. I hope that you dig them too.


Sex Priest by Buffalo Tooth

From the album ‘Gardeners of the Devil’s Lettuce’ (Captcha Records). If you haven’t heard this yet…you really need to!


Sleepy Silver Door by Dead Meadow

One of my favourite Dead Meadow tracks, and the one that first got me into them. This version is the ace ‘hidden tracks’ that takes up the whole of side of of the ‘Feathers’ album (Matador Records).


Magic Hour by Time and Space Machine

Tuuunnneee! Great track from DJ Richard Norris‘s psychedelic project.


Lazy Bones by Wooden Shjips

From the band’s album ‘West’ (Thrill Jockey).


Highway Mind by Kill West

From the band’s debut EP (Drone Rock Records).


Can’t Stop The Fall by Has A Shadow

From the album ‘The Sky Is Hell Black’ (Captcha Records).


Death Song by The Janitors

From the album Drone Head (Cardinal Fuzz).


Marcy, Your Eyes by Crystal Syphon

From the album ‘Family Evil’ (re-released on Roaratorio).


The White Rabbit by Cosmic Dead

Recorded live at The Captains Rest, Glasgow, 11/09/10 and featuring footage from the original 1903 Alice In Wonderland silent film.


No Time by The Saints

From the absolute classic album ‘I’m Stranded’.


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