Track: Twisted Illusion – Excite The Light

Twisted Illusion are preparing to deliver a trilogy of albums, under the umbrella of ‘Excite The Light’. First album in the series is due 19th November, with the subsequent albums following in 2022. The band have shared the title track from the first album as a single. 

Frontman Matt Jones discusses the backstory to the series:

“The Excite the Light Trilogy is a distinct representation of all things Twisted Illusion. From sprawling 30+ minute epics to three-minute slices of radio friendly rock, Excite the Light is the epitome of the band’s aims and musical intentions. The trilogy chronicles my journey with my own mental health struggles and my eventual acceptance/recovery as we reach Part 3. Part 1 is an explosive start and is the metal side of the three records. It is by far the darkest of the three, dealing with diagnosis, defiance, and denial. I hope this trilogy can resonate with anyone dealing with any mental health struggle. It’s my life condensed into three albums and the most personal story I feel I will ever tell through my music.”

With ‘Excite The Light’ the band bring us another epic track that sounds like its comes from the hay day of British hard rock. Plenty of quick fingered riffing with off the wall soloing and insane drumming, these guys never disappoint for fans of hard rock and play with passion and a high level of ability.

Check it out, here

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Pre-order Excite The Light: Part One, here

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