Track : Symbion Project , “Bloodthirsty”

Symbion Project led by Seattle’s own electronic craftsman Kasson Crooker releases the single Bloodthirsty on October 20. What a striking, strange title for a down-tempo synthetic single song is this…and dressed with the appropriate “slashed” blood red front cover, I thought I would listen to an EBM manifest! Let’s see, Symbion Project is the brainchild of electronic composer/producer Kasson Crooker. Along with founding several bands including synthpop acts Freezepop, ELYXR, and Rocococo in addition to Symbion Project, Kasson is an accomplished composer and audio technologist, a skilled guy. Bloodthirsty is a melodic down-tempo synthesized song, co-written and featuring vocals by Finnish singer/songwriter Markus Junnikkala ,  and in it’s discreet sadness it offers a great musical dynamics spectrum. Simple to its notion, the song hides an excellent arrangement cleverly loaded towards the end, with all the tensed orchestral elements taking on the whole synthesis. The single is provided by two videos and it’s a big team’s creation as you’ll see in the details. Here’s the 3D version (use the cursor up left)

and here is the 2D

Bloodthirsty is an ambitious work by all means, a good song with an excellent arrangement, very good sound, and a special taste on the visual aspect. The whole work is actually trying to push the audio/visual production in a new form of amusement, the polished and artistically hard worked effect.

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