New Music: No Hot Ashes – Easy Peeler / Smooth

Manchester indie funk four piece No Hot Ashes have followed up last years debut single, Goose with a AA-side single Easy Peeler / Smooth (no bits), Produced (as was that highly regarded opener) by Gavin Monaghan (Editors, Ocean Colour Scene,The Twang, JAWS) the band released it with a sold out gig at the Kraak Gallery in Manchester.

Easy Peeler is straight up funk rock, splashes of the Nile Rogers in the guitar as the bassline bubbles and pops underneath. Over the top of the bubblegum the broad northern vocals give a sense of the indie (and possibly the good reverend and his makers to an extent) and realism about the track, but its a joyous funky ride nevertheless. Smooth (No Bits) is back on its heels a little compared with its partner, the vocals showing a sense of humour and keen sense of observation, not to mention the performance, with a lot of words squeezed into not very much time. Looks like No Hot Ashes write warm, likable and very catchy music. The future looks promising.

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