See: Eric Martin releases video for Be

The name Eric Martin might not, at least to the general music buying public, have the weight that his achievements deserve. Starting out as a programmer for Zomba/Jive records, he found fame as an original member of Technotronic, co-writing their classic Pump up the Jam album, and going on to sell over 14 million records worldwide.

He’s recently set up a new label, Hypernation, and has released a new track on it, titled Be. Utilising the sweet and soulful voice of Lifford, it’s this pumping house anthem, built on synth stabs and a arpeggiated movement that bubbles along underneath. Lifford’s vocal gives it a soulful feel, but between verses Martin ups the gears with this harder edged bass sound. Throw in a ridiculously catchy melody and some slick porduction and it ticks all the boxes.

Check out the accompanying video, here

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