Track: Scott ‘Wino’ Weinrich – The Song’s At The Bottom Of The Bottle

Doom metal godfather Scott “Wino” Weinrich unveils a new track taken from his forthcoming solo album ‘Forever Gone’, out on June 26th on Ripple Music. Titled ‘The Song’s At The Bottom OF The Bottle’ this new track comes after his recent sharing of his cover of Joy Division’s Isolation.

Wino gives more insight on “The Song’s at the Bottom of the Bottle”: “The song is inspired by a conversation Mark Adams (Saint Vitus’ original bass player) and I had one night after a show on the bus. He told me his father had said to him “the song is at the bottom of the bottle”. And it was that statement, and the knowledge that all the males in his family except for one had died from alcohol, partially inspired this song. It’s a song about embracing the lifestyle I have chosen, beautiful, rewarding, dark and destructive. It’s about passion, how could it be anything less?”

Simple arrangement of voice and elegantly picked guitar this is the work of one of life’s great songwriters. A voice of experience and one that forces you to listen. Wino has stories full of longing, loss, heartache and darkness to tell on this soon-to-be-classic record. His ability to captivate with just a guitar is testament to his 4 decade spanning career.

Check it out, here via Brooklyn Vegan

The release of Scott “Wino” Weinrich’s long-awaited new acoustic effort ‘Forever Gone’ will mark the launch of Ripple Music’s “Blood and Strings: The Ripple Acoustic” 12” vinyl series, which present albums of acoustic heaviness from some of the most admired names in riff-rock and metal.

Pre-order the album Forever Gone, here

Check out Isolation, here.

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