Premiere: See the mesmeric visuals for ‘Outsides’ by J. Zunz

Today, Rocket Recordings and J. Zunz share the video for her latest track ‘Outsides’, available for avant-garde electronic pop lovers (and beyond) exclusively on Backseat Mafia first. The eerily glitchy, nuanced visuals for the almost operatically drone-filled track come from Mexican artist Víctor Garay.

‘Outsides’ is taken from Del Aire, the third album Lorena Quintanilla will release as J. Zunz: the album was written as a series of coronavirus related rescheduling snowballed Lorena’s release plans until she unexpectedly and spontaneously had an album; therefore naturally intertwining the bewitching electronics with the emotional tumult associated with this time. The album is also enveloped with the elemental apprehension which marked this J. Zunz record, as she wrote Del Aire in the wind-strewn Enseneda, Mexico; extending the mercurial yet melodic, Gazelle Twin leaning electronic pop of previous album Hibiscus.

Listen to the first track released from the forthcoming J. Zunz album, Ráfaga, here.

Del Aire, the second J. Zunz album on Rocket Recordings, is released on 24th June. Pre-order here.

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