Live Review and Gallery: Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls Bring their Never Ending Tour Of Everywhere to Enmore Theatre – 22.11.23, Gadigal/Sydney

The Enmore Theatre served as the perfect setting for an unforgettable night with Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls last night as they continued on their Never Ending Tour Of Everywhere. The venue brimmed with immense positive energy, a signature ambience that naturally accompanies any of us in the presence of a punk artist wielding an acoustic guitar.

Frank Turner, the UK folk-punk singer, and his remarkably talented backing group, The Sleeping Souls, featuring Ben Lloyd (guitar), Tarrant Anderson (bass), Matt Nasir (piano), and Callum Green (drums), demonstrated their extraordinary skill, setting the stage ablaze and capturing the hearts of everyone in the audience.

The night kicked off with the exceptional Emily Barker from Western Australia, whose enthralling solo performance and captivating vocals had the audience on the edge of their seats. Following her act, Mom Jeans, an alternative rock/indie band from California, took the stage, bringing an infectious energy that amped up the crowd for the main event.

Taking charge of the stage, Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls released an unwavering energy that enveloped the audience in an aggressive and infectious love, especially apparent during the electrifying performance of the hit single ‘Recovery‘. The sight of a devoted sea of fans reaching toward the stage, representing a diverse mix of ages and vibes, vividly highlighted the broad and enduring appeal of Turner’s music and the profound love he has cultivated from his dedicated fanbase.

A tender moment unfolded in the show when Frank Turner took the stage solo with his guitar, evoking a beautiful sense of vulnerability. The solo acoustic renditions of ‘The Way I Tend To Be‘, ‘The Ballad of Me and My Friends‘, and personal favourite, ‘Be More Kind‘, resonated deeply with the audience. In harmonious unison, the crowd connected with the artist, creating a magical and intimate bond between them.

Having performed 2,830 shows globally since his solo debut in 2004, meticulously documented by Frank himself, this tour represented his most significant headline in Australia to date. Turner, with nine studio albums under his belt, has sold over a million records worldwide and graced iconic venues globally. In 2022, his album ‘FTHC’ claimed the top spot on the UK Official Album Chart at #1, earning him praise for his self-awareness and inspiration. More than just music, ‘FTHC’ also helped raise over £200K for struggling music venues during the pandemic.

What distinguished last night’s show was the genuine enjoyment that infused every moment of the evening. From the spirited audience to the evident pleasure of the band members, a positive atmosphere filled the Enmore Theatre. In essence, show 2,830 stood as a testament to Frank’s talent and the steadfast support of all those present.

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